Special 100th Episode

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During this very special 100th episode here’s what we talk about:

Guest One: Courtney Amundson from Episode #93: Teachings From God
  • What happens when you let go of what’s not working and be yourself
  • Stretching outside of our comfort zone into your calling
  • Let your feelings be the guide + give yourself permission
  • It takes bravery to listen and adjust your alignment
Guest Two: Dianne Bischoff-James from Episode #88: Life Reboot – Change Course Now
  • Sometimes life asks you to go sideways
  • How Dianne and I are stepping into new ways of being
  • Stop trying to think or earn your way through life
  • It’s time to bring in more support – the end of the ‘One Man Band’
  • Say goodbye to self-judgement, we don’t all live with Martha Stewart!
Guest Three: Karolyn McKinley from Episode #76: Quantum Creation in a Holographic Universe
  • Your energy can keep everything you want just out of reach
  • When you take a leap of faith and stop hiding everything can open up for you
  • How Karolyn creates Sacred art out of images and energetic coding
  • The Subconscious works in imagery
  • The brain works through words and our stories
  • The body only understands feelings
  • A turning point when the switch went on and everything changed

Karolyn’s video she mentioned: http://bit.ly/I-AM-VIDEO

Additional Guest Appearances:

Intro and Outro produced by: Angelina Altobano

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Love Never Dies – Dr. Jamie Turndorf

Jamie Turndorf Show

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Here’s what Dr. Jamie and I talk about:
  • Her out-of-body experience and meeting the man she’d marry
  • The premonition of her husband’s death
  • Ways her husband communicated with her
    • Thought induction/mind melding
    • Through a squirrel
    • Through electronics – Ring, Ring!
  • False beliefs we must resolve to reconnect
    • We’re not supposed to reconnect with those in spirit
    • The Communion of Saints says “Our loved ones in Spirit are one with/communion with God and the Saints”
    • If you reconnect with your loved ones, you can’t move on with your life
    • You’re preventing them from moving on
  • Heaven is a state not a place
  • Death is an illusion
  • We all communicate energetically every day
  • 95% of our Universe is comprised of dark matter (doesn’t reflect light)
  • If the mind can’t comprehend something it’s Divine
  • Steps to reconnect
    • Create a state of receptivity – be still and quiet
    • Spirit beings are pure energy and are constantly sending you communication, signs and messages through your 5 senses.
    • Tune into nature
    • Recognize the signs
  • Communication comes through
    • Sounds, smells, nature, animals
  • Certain groups must reconnect and stay connected
    • Parents who have lost children
    • Children who have lost parents
    • Elderly who are unlikely to form another primary attachment
    • Those who’ve lost someone to sudden tragic illness or death
  • Sometimes we are unable to resolve issues until someone passes

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Today’s Action Steps

Contemplate and journal on the following statements

  • Love is the currency of connection
  • “You can allow the mystery unfold, by not believing everything you’ve been told.”
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About the Guest:

Known to millions as “Dr. Love,” radio and television personality Dr. Jamie Turndorf has been delighting audiences for three decades with her engaging blend of professional expertise and spicy humor. Her success is largely due to her remarkable ability to turn clinical psychobabble into entertaining and easy-to-understand concepts that transform lives.

She has authored several books on resolving relationship conflicts with partners, friends, family members and children. Hay House has published her latest two books, Kiss Your Fights Good-bye: Dr. Love’s 10 Simple Steps to Cooling Conflict and Rekindling Your Relationship (January 2014) and her bestselling Love Never Dies: How to Reconnect and Make Peace with the Deceased (August 2015), which introduces her new Trans-Dimensional Grief Therapy method and Dialoguing with the Departed technique.

Dr. Turndorf’s “Love Never Dies” radio show can be heard each Tuesday on Hay House Radio. Her “Ask Dr. Love” radio show is currently broadcast out of DreamVisions7 radio network and in 80 countries worldwide. She is the “go to” relationship expert on numerous television and online networks, such as CBS, VH1, WebMD, and MSNBC. Most recently, CNN has been featuring her as the resident authority on relationship advice and human behavior.

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Astrological Predictions for 2016 – Mark Dodich

Episode 86Listen Now:

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Show Notes:

Mark Dodich has been a professional astrologer and intuitive counselor since 1980. He provides a wide variety of astrological consultations and intuitive tarot internationally from his home base in Portland, Oregon. Mark is regularly seen and heard in the media, has been the astrological columnist for New Connexions Journal for over 17 years, and has published hundreds of articles.

In addition to natal astrology, Mark specializes in Relocation Astrology which maps your power places on planet earth. Spiritual purpose astrology is also a favorite of Mark. He has developed a Seven Ray Esoteric Astrology consultation to help people understand soul purpose in this life. Mark is also involved in metaphysics, providing Violet Flame and Ascended Master work, and he has produced the Central Sun guided meditation CD. Mark leads metaphysical trips to sacred places, and is excited to lead an African safari in September 2016

On his website Mark offers a monthly astrology forecast, free pdf downloads such as one to learn about the zodiac signs of states and cities and another one to help your prosperity consciousness. 

Here’s what Mark and I talk about:
  • Jupiter is in Virgo from August 2015 to September 2016

    • Jupiter – do it big, take a risk on yourself, transform your belief system, go live your dream.
    • Virgo – you have to be practical, make it down to earth, work at it, bringing your higher philosophies into the real world.
  • Saturn in Sagittarius late 2016 through 2017
    • Saturn – sacrifice in the short term for long term gain, be patient, be practical, conservative risk taking
    • Sagittarius – wants to move really fast, rules your belief systems, expansion, leap of faith
    • Might feel like “hurry up and wait”
  • It’s time for a leap of faith if you want to allow something larger to come in
  • 2016 is a great year to start working on your dream – be very practical about doing it
  • Practice following your inner guidance. Practice trusting yourself
  • First part of 2016 the focus is on taking care of home base & business
  • Beginning in September – Jupiter moves into the sign of relationships
  • March 23rd Lunar Eclipse in Libra + Aries – opposite what you experienced in September 2015 Aries + Libra
    • Aries – Independence, individuality
    • Libra – Relationship, curl up with a partner
  • We’ve been re-balancing our independence needs with our relationship needs
  • Greg Braden – HeartMath institute – need to change at the heart level not at the thinking level
  • Visioning into your dream and feel into it
  • What do you want your life to feel like?
  • Hold your vision in your minds eye and bring it into the physical world through your feelings
  • Life and Teachings of the Masters – The Far East: Baird Spalding
  • April 16th – June 28th – Mars (Action) Retrograde: Sag (phoenix rising, beliefs) + Scorpio (deep emotions, sexuality) – What do I no longer value?
  • Astrocartography – where’s the best place for your career, your love life, health, etc
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Mercury Retrograde – January 5th – 25th – be prepared for delays.

Starts in Aquarius (influences groups, friends, organizations) – explore with a new group you are interested in joining

Ends in Capricorn (foundation, slow but sure, conservative) – follow a more disciplined program for a change you want to make.

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  1. Prosperity Enhancement Guide – Tips on how to improve your prosperity and prosperity consciousness
  2. State & City Astrology Signs – Compare your sign with the energy of the US states and city
  3. Astrology Primer – Learn the meanings of the planets, zodiac signs and houses

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Connect with Mark:

Upcoming Master Class

Tired of being single? Frustrated with the kind of guys you’ve been meeting? Click here to grab my cheat sheet and I’ll walk you through 5 powerful exercises to reveal why you haven’t met the one yet. Plus I’ll give you a special invite to join me for my upcoming webinar where I’ll share my 5 powerful steps to attract true love in time for the holidays.

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From Automatic Weapons to Beauty Queen: Gita Gavare

Podcast 081 Photo

Listen Now:

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Show Notes:

Gita shares her incredible life story in her own words:

I grew up believing that I was worthless, and that there was something very wrong with me. I felt like a burden, and thus most of my life I tried to fit in, always pleasing others and needing approval. I was born under communism during the Soviet era in 1971 in the countryside of Latvia. My generation of girls were raised solely for the task of marrying successfully and becoming a good wife. 

The Soviet Union made efforts to impose uniformity and russification. We were largely isolated from the outside world until the mid-1980s. We were liberated from thinking with “Do as I am told” commands.

From the age of 3 we were sent to weekly preschool kindergartens. The parents delivered us each Monday to the drop-off point and in a bus full of screaming, crying children we were taken to kindergarten. Fridays were our happy days, when our parents picked us up again.

From age 6 we were educated in militaristic style with many symbols of hierarchy and the state. Everybody had to become a member of the communist party and I even became the chairman of the young communist party at my school.

There were problems with shortages of consumer and food products, social problems, unchecked immigration, and damage to the environment. Having a car was regarded as the sign of personal wealth. We were 5 children with the whole family living in 2 room apartment. My father wasn’t happy and used alcohol to feel better. My mother did her part in provoking & psychologically challenging my drunk father and he ended up beating her. It was the worst nightmare for us children, and I often wished they would divorce.

At an early age I had to learn to take care of myself and my 4 younger siblings. Both parents were working hard but we didn’t have much. We didn’t have running water in the house and the toilet was just a little house outside. Not so much fun in winter when there was minus 30 Celsius. Life was rough and tough. I was abused as a child. 

As a country girl I grew up in forest, climbing trees and working in fields. I was excellent in planting potatoes and removing weeds. Perfectionist at pig and cow farm, removing tons of feces. I learned to make cheese and blood sausages. I helped a cow in delivery. I picked buckets of mushrooms and berries in the forest for winter.

When I was 15 I was the young communist leader at school. I learned the famous Russian automatic weapon Kalashnikov, to march as soldier, run with a gas mask on and other ‘fun’ stuff. I tried to kill myself when I was 16. 

In January 1991, I was in Riga’s streets among men building barricades against soviet tanks. I walked in demonstration with thousands of other Latvians. It was wild, amazing, and incredible. We learned about freedom and craved it. A totally new world opened for us.

When I was 22, I was pulled into human trafficking and together with 2 Russian girls, and ended for more than 2 months in a brothel in Germany. I was raped. I felt lucky to be able to return home. I heard of girls who didn’t return.

I tried to forget my past as quickly as possible and told no one, except my sister. I was living in fear, shame, and guilt. I felt dirty, and blamed myself. I thought it was my fault. There was no help for me – I knew the police would only laugh. I feared being judged and excluded.

To silence and cover up the shame I felt I signed up for a beauty contest in my town. I didn’t get the crown, but it lifted my self-esteem a bit, and closed the mouths of those who called me a whore. Now I was a beauty princess.

I met my future husband and moved to Denmark. I was living the Cinderella story. I met several influential people and even, at a private party, Her Majesty Queen of Denmark, and her sister the Queen of Greece, but my domestic situation was very traumatic: I experienced demeaning put downs and psychological abuse. I was mentally broken down. I got the courage to finally leave my husband, going through a very dramatic and bitter divorce with three children, no family for support, no money, and no sign of any coming in.

Things had to change, and although I felt the divorce was ultimately the best thing for me to do, I still felt emotionally guilty for putting my children through that trauma. Even though it was all tragic and devastating at the time, this showed me how I was abusing myself by not stepping into my power, and reflected back to me that I was living in my weakness.  

My life experiences taught me how to harness my power. I knew I had to learn to love and take care of myself first. I had to rebuild trust in myself. I knew I had to own and honor the truth: that I was worthy of love and everything else I desired from life. I knew I had to allow myself to slowly grow into who I was meant to become. I knew I had to go after my personal dreams; the ones I didn’t even know about because I had always put them on the back burner. I healed my traumas with the help of many great mentors and skilled healers. I studied, read, and learned. I got my voice back and began to feel that my own opinions and feelings are just as important as those of the people around me. I was not afraid to share my thoughts anymore. I could speak my truth without fear of being judged and dismissed. Once I did my life was never the same.

  • When you empower yourself, no one can have power over you.
  • The less you care about what others think, the more they’ll love you.

Can you relate to Gita’s story? Is there an area of your life that needs change? Leave a comment below, I’d love to hear how Gita’s story resonated with you.

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  • Surround yourself with people who support you and practice asking for help
  • Take little steps towards healing – change takes courage
  • Love Yourself unconditionally
  • Don’t take things too seriously
  • Follow your intuition – listen to your inner guidance
  • Find an intuitive healer who you resonate with to help you heal
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Forgiveness & Authentic Living – Michelle Wadleigh

Podcast 080 Photo

Listen Now:

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Show Notes:

Michelle Wadleigh is an inspiring and exciting coach, speaker, workshop and retreat facilitator, and sought after Prayer Practitioner. Michelle is the founding Spiritual Director of the Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey, where she still serves today as Pastor. Her easy-going, personal style, utilizing humor, and a wealth of experience have helped thousands of people to experience great transformation in their lives.

Michelle is a very unique, practical teacher who is passionate about you mastering a fully expressed life. She is grounded in solid metaphysical principles, and brings to her teaching a wide-open heart along with a sense of humor joyfully demonstrated through her laughter and her engaging style. Her focus as a teacher is teaching to empower others for their own spiritual and emotional liberation through the application of the practical tools methods including the Science of Mind©. She is a straight shooter who calls things as she sees them. The lesson that she brings everywhere is:  Everything is consciousness.  Consciousness first, consciousness always.

Michelle is the author of three books: Prosperous Me, 40 Days to Freedom: A Lenten Practice for the Modern Mind, and And So It Is, a book written specifically for individuals who take issue with the word god. She has also recorded two inspiring CDs: Organic Visioning and I AM Awake. Her latest book, Prosperous Me, will be available soon.

While helping so many others to lead fully expressed lives, Michelle has been busy living her own life, raising three sons in Northern New Jersey and is about to have her second grandchild. Michelle finds the roles of wife, mother and grandmother to be precious and worthy of whatever time it takes to have healthy relationships. 

Here’s what Michelle and I talk about:
  • Rev Jersey Girl – Pragmatic, simple, keeping it real “I might be the only tattoo bearing, tequila shooting, sex loving minister you’ll ever meet!“
  • She started doing her internal work + people started listening
  • Science of Mind – the presence is within you.
  • Responsibility – When you take responsibility for your life you how the power to recreate it.If you want to blame others you are powerless – by giving up your power.
  • Everything is consciousness.  Consciousness first, consciousness always.
  • Forgiveness – Book Radical Forgiveness – Colin Tipping
  • Don’t identify with being a victim or as a survivor because that’s not who you are.
  • “Who’s been holding it in place?” Miguel Ruiz
  • You have to let go of what you can’t change and allow others to make their own decisions.You aren’t your story.
  • Forgiveness comes because we’ve judged or objected to someone or something.
  • When we judge someone else, we judge parts of ourselves.
  • You have to want to be happy more than you want to be right.
  • Your body will tell you if you’re living authentically.
  • Spiritual bypass – disconnect between head and heart. Thinking vs feeling
  • Radical honesty – never denying what you feel, not blame someone else, and ask what was my part.
  • Practice feeling your feelings and don’t judge yourself for the feelings you’re having.
  • The power of HOPE
Michelle’s Practical Tip:
    1. Cultivate self love
    2. Start a journal – every night make a list of everything you did right during the day.
    3. Read the next morning and watch the list grow
Connect with Reverend Michelle:
  • Website:    www.cslnj.org
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/revjerseygirl
  • Facebook: Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey
  • Center for Spiritual Living North Jersey: 662 Eagle Rock Avenue, West Orange, NJ 07052
  • Center for Spiritual Living: 973.669.1900
Get Michelle’s Exclusive Gift:

Deepen your Spiritual Practice. Living the life you want to live requires that you step deeper and deeper into your relationship with Divine Spirit. Developing your Spiritual Practice into a daily routine is so very important. Now, with this free subscription to Creative Thinking eMagazine you can do just that. A daily dose of Affirmative Prayer deepens your experience through the expansion of consciousness to ultimately have your life be fully expressed. You will receive not only an Affirmative Prayer to inspire you for every day of the month, but also articles, poems, videos, and spiritual humor to enjoy all month long. Join us as we walk in the Life we each want to live. Click this link to get started www.cslnj.org/ctfreegiveaway.html

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